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To all trappers and our valued customers, I want to say thank you so much for your trust in me and my products. I set my first traps when I was nine years old. After my first catch, there was nothing in my life more important than trapping from that time on. I did a lot of walking until I got my first vehicle. Later on in life, I began trapping in many different states and in every type of terrain and condition possible. Different seasons and climates all played a big part in helping me to develop various types of lures. My customers have allowed me to travel and trap all across the USA. Currently, we sell to every state in America and eleven foreign countries. I don't make any excuses for any of our products we produce. If you're not happy with any of our products, just let me know and I will return your money.

We manufacture 21 different lures, 9 different baits, and 12 dog training scents. We also offer 13 different animal glands and over 145 top quality, uncut essential oils and lure ingredients. Also, we have 11 of the finest different animal urines available that are collected by us and others. I patented the self-supporting Fig. 7 snare system on July 18th, 1984. 18 other Quick Kill Snares are also manufactured by us. Head to our Products page and use the search to search our entire website and all of our products.

We also build 29 different sizes and styles of basswood stretchers and four types of hardwood beams. We offer a large selection of traps, gloves, videos, snare cable, locks, many different types of knives, fleshing tools, as well as other trapping tools and hardware. Thank you folks for letting me follow my dreams of trapping and doing what I enjoy doing. All we ever wanted to do is trap, snare, and make the Very Finest Lures and Baits. Why not treat yourself to the Finest Products available? 49 years in the business, owned and operated by the same man. Tried, tested, and proven by thousands of trappers.

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