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Serving You Since 1970

Trapping and making baits & lures is not a job, it’s our way of life

We manufacture 21 different lures, 9 different baits, and 12 dog training scents. We also offer 13 different animal glands and over one hundred twenty-five top quality, uncut essential oils and lure ingredients. Also we have ten of the finest different animal urines available that are collected by us and others. Our lures have been tested in all kind of conditions and terrain by thousands of trappers. Our customers have kept ordering our baits and lures for the last 49 years. Currently we sell to every state in America and eleven foreign countries. We manufactured 18 “Quick Kill” Snares and I patented the self-supporting Fig. 7 snare system on July 18th, 1984. We also build 29 different sizes and styles of basswood stretchers and four types of hardwood beams. We get all our lumber right from the mill, and finish thousands of stretchers every year. We offer a large selection of traps, tools, gloves, videos, snare cable, locks, and many other trapping tools and hardware. Thanks to all our customers we enjoy doing what we do and don’t plan on quitting. We really enjoy our work, serving you, and certainly appreciate your patronage. Have a great season.

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