4 oz. $24.00

Taken from White Tail. A strong, musky deer odor. High quality - real Deer smell.

4 oz. $20.00

Otter Glands - Preserved with Fresh and Natural Odor. Lots of canines caught using Otter Glands.

4 oz. $20.00

Foxy Odor, cut from Big Dakota Reds, put up right, Extreme High Quality.

4 oz. $20.00; Pints $55.00

Clean Cut, Real Coyote, Fresh, Natural Odor.

4 oz. $30.00; Pints $75

True Grey Fox

Pints $65.00

Pure Musk Glands, Real Minky.

4 oz. $15.00

These are cut in late February and March so there is a Real Strong Coon Odor to them.

4 oz. $20.00; Pints $65.00

Real Catty Smelling.

1 oz. $14.00; 4 oz. $45.00

A Great Mink and Coyote ingredient. It is hard to find Quality Glands like these.

4 oz. $40.00

Limited supply – real rank Lion smell.

4 oz. $25.00

Ground and preserved fresh fragrant spring rat glands.