1/4 Pint Jar ONLY $9.00

Big Stinky Coon is rich, loud odor leaves a real "ZANG" at any set and is totally different than other baits on the market.  The coon bait has risen to be the all-time top coon bait.  Its attraction to passing coon is unsurpassed and it gives fantastic results on land or water.  It takes a lot of these creek bank fox and coyote, too. A number of southern trappers use it exclusively on gray fox.

1/4 Pint $9.00

D. Strand of Minnesota says "Sweet Pete" played a big role in his success. Sweet Pete Coon is the secret of long long-liners, and for good reason. This bait has a "sweet" base, yet has a penetrating odor that won't wash out in rainy weather. Sweet Pete Coon comes in handy quarter pint jars.

Only $9.00 Per 4 oz. Bottle, Pints $30.00

Fellows, no need to make excuses for your low mink catch.  BAM! BAM! definitely will help increase your fur check.  Mink will swim small streams to get at the fresh natural and long lasting odor.  BAM! BAM! will hold that bold curiosity that minks have and make them work your sets longer.  YOU CANNOT hide BAM! BAM! from a mink, he will find it.  BAM! BAM! can be used alone or in conjunction with my other mink lures, and you have a deadly mink taking combination.

1/2 Pint Jar $14.00

A New Canine & Cat Bait. A loud food type call lure. Can be used at a variety of sets year round. Use alone or with any of our lures put up in paste form, freeze proof and easy to use.

1/2 Pint Jar $14.00

Forty-one years in the lure and bait business has never seen me so fired up over a canine bait. This canine bait made from 3 natural ingredients creates a Rough-Mildmouth watering odor which causes All Canine to really investigate at a Flat Set or readily try to dig it from a Dirt Hole Set right to the bottom. They will keep digging and chewing and working "Prairie Fire" 3 or 4 months after you're gone. This rough but mild bait gets the same result year around in hot or cold weather. It has proven itself to do unbelievably well on coyote getters as well as with traps. Fish and wildlife trappers tell us "It just never quits working". Start the "Prairie Fire" on your line and smoke a mess of coyotes.

1/2 Pint $14.00

Made especially for the Dog Proof Coon traps. Thick, heavy, and sticky. Stays where you put it. Once a coon tastes this bait he will eat all he can get. Comes in handy squeeze bottle for easy application to D.P. traps or can be used in water pocket sets or as a smear bait on large rocks or trees. Works in all seasons. Be sure to set 2-3 traps on coon trails or travel areas to take large number of coon.

Pint $25.00

Made from the fatty backs that consist of a rich oily fat. Heavy, Thick, Strong, Fish Oil. Reaches out a long way and stays where you put it. Because of the large amount of fat this oil will set up in cool weather, but remain a highly usable product. Poke a stick in and use where you want to.

1/2 Pint $14.00

This is a meat based bait, made with two different meats. You can pick up a hint of castor in it. We use a smooth high quality Himalayan musk with a little Canton blended in. When you crack the lid on a jar of this bait you can almost feel a mushroom cloud of meat ad musk odors. We give you enough skunk to give it some range. I call this a buried mouth watering food odor. Coyote, Fox, Cat, Coon and Badger really go for this bait.