Mink Trapping And Snaring Methods.  Hot off the press!  Over 55 pages crammed with data, and over 100 photos--you will literally "see how its done!"  Everything you will need to take mink in BIG numbers with traps and snares!  The mystery is over!


Grawe's Snaring Methods.  A complete "A-Z" course for snaring fur and big numbers!  Fill your stretchers while the competition is hauling dirt and chopping frozen traps!  Everything you'll need to know for 6 major furbearers-land and water.


Chronicles of a Longliner by Gary Jepson - Ride along for 50 years on the trapline. 375 pages, 80 photos, drawings and images. Set Illustrations by Joe Goodman!


When our economy crashes and the world is no longer an open supermarket, you'll need to know how to easily capture your own game to feed your family. This 120 page book provides complete details to snare everything from squirrel to bear. This is in-depth, with tons of illustrations and pictures to help you gain a better understanding of snaring.