1 oz. ONLY $12.95

We are the only manufacturers who produce this type of high-quality attractor to benefit deer hunters. We have developed a method to concentrate a material that stimulates intense interest from buck deer, and it attracts bucks and holds them under stands or near buck scrapes for the killing shot.

1 oz. ONLY $12.95

A costly blend of three very fine ingredients. And fellows, as you will find out, it really gets a deer’s attention. It will not only attract deer, but this very appealing scent is also a very fine masking scent that will cover your own human odors.

4 oz. for just $15.95

Contains estrus cheese type secretions and is handled and preserved just right to insure lasting freshness. Comes in odor proof bottles.

4 oz. for just $14.95

Cover scent is often over-looked, but should be an essential part of your hunting gear. I consider it “Extra Insurance”. Why not have everything working to your advantage? Trophy bucks exist because of sight, sound, and smell. Why not work toward an edge with a good natural cover scent? Human scent definitely spooks deer. I pin a dark colored small rag, dabbed with cover scent, to the top of my shoulder, one to my waist and one to my bottom pants cuff. NO ODOR Cover Scent.

4 oz. bottle $16.00

They are very effective ONLY when made and used correctly. Use only 5 to 8 drops of our carefully collected Buck Urine. We really do collect and handle our urines much differently than most collectors. As a result you will see the difference. Use cover scent, sit still and if you can hit him you’ll get him. Re-scent every 4-6 days. DO NOT over do this procedure. If eight drops is good more is NOT better.

4 oz. $17.00

This strong musky gland is taken only from adult bucks. This natural Buck Musk has a deadly effect; an attraction to draw deer to a desired location. During the pre-rut and early rut deer aren’t very interested in this lure. During the full rut, I assure you that you will have bucks following this scent, and most days more than one. Use up to 2 oz. on dry material about 3-4 foot off the ground. Re-scent the next time you hunt. Cover your light colored skin, sit still, and not wearing shaving lotion. If you smoke at all you lessen your success by 80% or more. Wash up and cover up.

picture of deer
This buck came right in with no caution whatsoever. That Buck Whiz is something else. -Bruce Hanstead, MN.
picture of buck
Tim Bagg’s dad has used our scents for over 25 years. Tim has seen the results for year and expected a huge buck. Looks like he got a nice one. – WI
Richard Knaus has been harvesting deer of this size for the last twenty years. He says, “Buck Whiz” is a very good product and wouldn’t be without it. – North Dakota
picture of buck
4 x 5 x 19 buck taken with a bow and Curiosity deer lure. He came in for a perfect shot. – Monte Hermanson, ND
picture of a buck
Many thanks for your high quality supplies, bates, and lures. Your stretchers and service are the best. Best deer scent I ever used. Albert Potter, CT.
picture of a buck
Whatever the hell is in that Buck Whiz. Works damn good. – Terry B., MN.