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Our scents have been in use during the past 42 years by U.S. Fish and Wildlife agencies, state Game and Fish Departments, professional dog handlers, hound clubs, World Champion Bear and Coon Field Trials and Individuals in every state in American as well as nine foreign countries.

  • Lion, Bobcat, Deer, Coyote, Red Fox, Gray Fox, Mink, Raccoon
    • 4 oz. size $45.00
    • 8 oz. size $80.00
  • Apply Scent to Canvas Drag
    • 14″ x 6″ x 1″
    • $14.95 each
"Big Boy" What a trophy
“Big Boy” What a trophy
Wes Griesbach, hunter, Dillon Hots, guide, Byron Stewert, outfitter
Wes Griesbach, hunter, Dillon Hots, guide, Byron Stewert, outfitter.
James Schultz, Wyoming.
James Schultz, Wyoming. Hunted this lionm for serveral daus before he bagged this 183 lb. tom. James hunts on foot wearing a fanny pack and using a homemade takedown bow.
Erin Wilde and big cat.
Can you believe the size of this bear? Very successful hunt.
Mike Forbing with his trophy lion.
Chris Green had a great hunt.
Hunter Eyad Yehyawi, guide Jeff Wright.
Dillon Hoffs & dogs with a huge cat.
Amazingly Big Bear.
Shane Usipuik family bear hunt.