Here, trappers, is a great tool for your skinning and fleshing. Four inch blade made of fine carbon steel, holds a sharp edge. Fine on beaver, otter or any fleshing job. Use it also for skinning big game, deer, bear, also for domestic animals.

$6.95 ea.; $19.00 for 3

This Swiss made knife is just incredible. I have personally skinned out four beavers, including removing the tails and feet, and then I just touched each side lightly with a stone and it was again razor sharp. 3 1/4 blade with sure grip polyurethane handle.


High carbon steel, 4 1/2" blade.


14 1/2" x 1 1/2"

Two-handle knives with one piece blade (not butt welded). Handles reinforced to prevent cracking.

  • No. 1 - 8x1 blade for muskrat, mink and similar - $13.95
  • No. 2 - 12x1 1/2 blade for coyote, possum, raccoon and similar - $19.95
  • No. 3 - 16x2 blade for large raccoon and similar - $28.95
  • ***SPECIAL***Pro Fleshing Knife Set - of all 3 professional knives - $61.50

$9.95 ea.

A time saving tool that will sharpen a straight-bladed knife or serrated blade. Razor sharp with just two or three quick swipes. The best sharpener on the market. Handy to use in the kitchen, workshop or right in the woods.

$14,95 ea., $28.50/2

For quick, one stroke sharpening. Your choice of colors: red or green camo.

Pliers and Sheath - $12.00

Trappers Pliers - $7.90

Leather Sheath - $6.25

These trappers pliers are eight inches in length, are drop forged, have flat jaws, and are side cutting. A good set of pliers is a necessity out on the water, land and snare lines.

$12.95 per box of 50

Nitrile skinning gloves are widely used in the medical field. They are strong and more durable than the vinyl type.

$4.00 Pair

Genuine Thermesh Waffle-Cloth keeps body heat in, cold air out. Wear inside any gloves. Keeps hands warm in rubber gloves while setting traps in cold water.

$4.00 Pair; 2 Pair/$9.25

“Super Flex” 12" waterproof fox trapper’s gloves. Fabric liner, no-slip neoprene coating

$9.95 Pair

With thermal liners - $12.00 Pair

Mink trappers elbow length.


This economically priced, 31" rubber neoprene gauntlet is built to withstand vigorous use while keeping you warm and dry for the entire season. Triple dipped hand for long lasting strength. Reinforced thumb patch to protect against tears. Specially textured neoprene for grip in all conditions.

$23.95 Pair

Comfortable and fabric lined they offer warmth, feel great, excellent grip, and remain flexible when temps drop.


1-3/4" wide steel blade, straight handle, 26" long.


Weighs only one pound. Shovel blade is 6" long and 2 3/4" wide. Point is tapered back 2" and ground to sharp cutting edge. Overall length is 22". Handle sticks above pack basket opening. Never gets odors from equipment.


1-3/4" wide steel blade, plastic D-handle, 26" long.


With "D" handle.

These heavy duty trowels have a wood handle with a plastic D-grip. The blades have been laser cut to fit the size the trappers need.

Bankmaster Trowels - $36.95

Total length is 41" long Blade is 10" L x 3 3/4" W


Bankmaster Jr. - $26.95

Total length is 27" long Blade is 8" L x 3 1/2" W


Here's a tool that will do tough jobs. It pounds trap stakes, chops frozen trap beds and digs a nice 2" dirt hole. A very well-balanced tool that fits and handles very well. Weighs 3 1/4 lbs.


The "Sod Buster" is a multi-purpose digging and driving tool. The Sod Buster sports a three pound hammer head and a heavy duty fiberglass handle. It also has a chisel welded on one side for easy digging of trap beds. A great tool for any land trapper. Total weight of tool is four pounds.

18" x 1/2" Steel Re-rod Stake - $16.00/6, $28.00/Doz.

24" x 1/2" Steel Re-rod Stake - $18.00/6, $32.00/Doz.

18" x 3/8" T-Bar Stake - $25.00/6, $28.00/Doz.

24" x 3/8" T-Bar Stake - $18.00/6, $34.00/Doz.


Heavy Duty 20" - $14.50

Heavy Duty 220 & 330, Setting Tool. 30" Long - $19.00


One end fits the #3 and #5 coilspring lever. The other fits the #1.65 and #2. Very sturdy, heavy duty. Painted red.

$17.00 ea.

#0 to #5 Bridger Long Springer


The end has a groove to fit either 9 or 11 guage support wire. The T-handle makes it quick to pull out of the ground and on to the next spot. This tool can also be used to make pilot holes for blocking. Simply pound holes and put in stick or grass to guide the critter. Powder coated bright red makes it hard to leave behind. Once you use one you won't be without it.

$7.00/Doz., $32.00/50

The toughest earth anchor on the market! Once set, this anchor stays put. 3" long by 1-1/4" wide.

12" 3/32" Cable - $18.95/Doz.

18" 3/32" Cable - $22.00/Doz.

12" 1/8" Cable - $26.00/Doz.

18" 1/8" Cable - $30.00/Doz.

Wolf Fang Anchors with Cable are ready to be used. These earth anchors have a large surface area and are through enough to be used in all soil conditions, including frozen ground. Once set, it says put.


Heavy duty 30" driver with T-Bar handle.

9 gauge - 10 lb. roll - $23.00

11 gauge - $9.90

14 gauge - $8.95

16 gauge - $8.90

Decker Fur Comb (round teeth) #75-6 - $14.75

Black plastic handle, aluminum andsteel construction. Removes cockleburs, dirt, etc. from all furs.


Will pay for itself quickly in the better job it does in fleshing your skins. The first practical pelt fleshing tool ever offered. Substantially constructed. For all kinds of skins.

Was $16.00 now $9.00

For use in cordless drills. The 3" Auger has a 24" shaft and may be used on dry ground or in water sets. Coon trappers also like this one to put in Coon Cuff Traps.

$26.00 ea.

Available in 2" or 3" with machined cutting tip, on a 7/16 hex shaft. Fits 1/2" drive cordless drill.


This metal sifter has diamond cut screen. Put right into dye solutiionn with your traps. Built to last.


Sturdy construction by veteran craftsman for years of service. Size 7" x 9 1/2" , wt. 8 oz. 1/4 mesh.

18" - $66.95; 20" - $67.95;

Top quality packbaskets. Carefully constructed of hardwood veneer. Special built in floor, heavy duty bottom cleats, to give years of service. Complete with web handle and adjustable harness.

$23.00 ea.

NEW handy tool in the skinning shed. Just press the thumb release lever to raise or lower the carcass to the right height. 3/8 ratchet with load limit of 250 lbs.


The RTS Speed Gambrel is ideal for long nights in the fur shed. RTS SPEED GAMBREL works great on Raccoon, Fox, Beaver, Otter, Bobcats, Mink, and Muskrats. Loading the gambrel takes only seconds. "No hooking, No Looping; No Tendon? No Problem."


A very handy trapline tool for opening and closing S-Hooks and Rivets. No Pinch.

$3.75; 2 for $7.00

Plastic $3.50 ea., 2 for $7.95

Grawe's Heavy Duty Tail Stripper is fast, neat, easy and clean. No more broken tail bones or torn fur.

100 - $9.50

For attaching pelts smaller than beaver and otter to wooden stretchers. Can be used over and over again. No hammers needed for driving or removing. Does not damage pelts. Tempered steel points.

$13.95 ea.

Heavy-duty, durable, coated, reinforced fabric, rubber coated, industrial aprons. Ideal for skinning and fleshing furs, resistant to acid, oil or fur fat. Will last several seasons, double-stitched and riveted.

$5.00/Doz., $23.00/50

Fits 3/8 and 1/2 stakes

$7.50/Doz., $30.50/50

Makes it easy to cross stake your land traps.

$3.25 Dozen, 50 for $13.00

Heavy duty #9 plated wire. Can be used with a 3/8" or 1/2" rebar stake.

Standard MP Swivels - 3/16" $6.50/Doz.; $26.00/50

Two swiveling rivets.

$6.60/Doz., $24.00/50

The heaviest and smoothest operating swivel ever offered to the trapper. Originally designed for the toughest wolf, wolverine, bear, or mountain lion if the #6 J-Hooks are welded.

picture of HAGZ brackets

Spring Clip - $15.95/Doz.

An extremely small, always attached body grip trap stabilizer. HAGz Spring Clip is inserted through the spring coils where it remains always attached, never forget it, and doesn't interfere with spring eye. Uses gravity to mount in position on 3/8" rods as an adjustable height stabilizer. Use with the HAGz Bracket to stabilize a Body Grip on rocks, logs, etc.  

Spring Clip XL - $18.95/Doz.

Designed to fit 220-330 sized Body Grip Traps Designed to work by itself on 1/2" rods or in conjunction with HAGz Bracket for extreme versatility.

Bracket - $23.95/Doz.

Trap lighter, faster and more efficient by putting HAGz Bracket on your traps. From adjustable height baited sets for Muskrat on rods, to stool sets for Marten and everything in between. Uses gravity mount on 3/8" rods or use your preferred fastener (wire, screws, etc) to mount it to logs, rocks, drain tiles, etc. This little device is also a stake swivel and slide/drowner lock. Always attached to your trap with the use of a J-hook. Fits 1.5 footy hold and smaller.

This is a heavy duty drowner/slide lock. It can be used on 3/8" or 1/2" rebar or fiberglass rods, #2 straight link chain, 3/32"-1/8" cable and 14-9 gauge wire.

Just $16.00 for 6; $27.00 per dozen.

$3.00/Doz., $18.00/100

$1.70/Doz., $8.00/50

Will fit over the end of a 1/2" stake or drag. (6 gauge) "no pinch"


$4.95 Dozen; $15.00/50

Stronger than S-hooks. Can be added to stake end of trap or snare with no tools or welding. Bests connecting link anywhere.

$0.35 ea., $3.50/Doz.

7/32 x 1-1/4 fits 1/2" stake

1/8" Quick Links - $4.55/Doz., $18.00/50

3/16" Quick Links - $4.90/Doz., $8.50/50

1/8" Quick Links - Working load of 220#. 1-1/2" long with a jaw tat opens to 1/4". Fits in drowning locks, #6 swivels, etc.

3/16" Quick Links - Working load of 440#. 2" long with a jaw that opens to 1/4". Connects chains or cable and works to connect traps to disposable cable stakes.


$1.50 ea., $15.00/Doz., $65.00/50

Quick and Hand. Great for connecting traps to drowing rods or cable. Can be opened with a gloved hand & closed on a link of chain of any length. 100's of coon and beaver taken with this set on (dowring rig), none have opened up. Length is 2-3/4"

1/4 for Fox and Coyote - $5.00/Doz., $18.00/50

5/16 for Wolves - $8.75/Doz., $32.00/50

No more lost traps due to spring hooks opening accidentally. Attach your trap and tighten to close.

$3.75/Doz.; $17.00/50

Constructed of 1/4" thick zinc plated steel and are 2" long.

Short .25 ea. $2.50 dz. $15.00/100

Long .30 ea. $3.45 dz. $13.00/50

110 Bolt-on Triggers (6911B) - $1.30 ea., $15.60/Doz.

220 Bolt-on Triggers (6922B) - $1.40 ea., $17.00/Doz.

330 Bolt-on Triggers (6933B) - $1.50 ea., $16.95/Doz.

25 Tags - $3.75

Simple and inexpensive. Name is permanently embossed in thin metal by writing pressure with a lead pencil. Twenty-five tags and wire for attaching in package.

$4.75 - 1 lb.; 3 for $13.75

Condensed from log wood powder. One pound added to three gallons of water and boiled, will dye 50 small traps and make the traps harder to see by Johnny Sneekum and animals.

$4.95 ea.; $13.50 for 3

It is similar to the logwood chips that were popular years ago. Derived from a plant native to the mountains of Pennsylvania, it coats traps with a finish that is nearly rust proof and odorless. It’s able to weather several weeks of trapping.

1 lb. - $4.00

4 lb. - $15.50

6 lb. block - $21.00

Dip traps in hot, melted wax and shake dry.

$5.95 - Gallon Size Bag

Natural Sheep's wool is an excellent lure holderl has great eye appeal, and has a smell of its own that is very attractive to predators.

1 lb. Size Jar $4.00; 4 lb. Size Jar $14.00

Here at last is an antifreeze for your dirt sets that freezes as hard as concrete. It actually thaws out the frozen dirt and prevents it from freezing. Comes to you in powder form. Directions for using: Take about a heaping teaspoonful of the powder and sprinkle it on the frozen set or mix with the dirt. When covering traps, powder is white in color but soon dissolves and prevents freezing. Keep dry until used.

$3.50 / 24

Thoroughly clean, free of odors and easy to use. Bundle of 24 (state trap size)