Hagz Spring Clips & Bracket/Locks

picture of HAGZ brackets

Spring Clip – $15.95/Doz.

An extremely small, always attached body grip trap stabilizer. HAGz Spring Clip is inserted through the spring coils where it remains always attached, never forget it, and doesn’t interfere with spring eye. Uses gravity to mount in position on 3/8″ rods as an adjustable height stabilizer. Use with the HAGz Bracket to stabilize a Body Grip on rocks, logs, etc.  

Spring Clip XL – $18.95/Doz.

Designed to fit 220-330 sized Body Grip Traps Designed to work by itself on 1/2″ rods or in conjunction with HAGz Bracket for extreme versatility.

Bracket – $23.95/Doz.

Trap lighter, faster and more efficient by putting HAGz Bracket on your traps. From adjustable height baited sets for Muskrat on rods, to stool sets for Marten and everything in between. Uses gravity mount on 3/8″ rods or use your preferred fastener (wire, screws, etc) to mount it to logs, rocks, drain tiles, etc. This little device is also a stake swivel and slide/drowner lock. Always attached to your trap with the use of a J-hook. Fits 1.5 footy hold and smaller.