Wayne J Derrick

G-Man Coyote Trapping – You will see lots of coyotes caught in this video. Wayne’s down to earth style won’t leave you with unanswered questions. He shows you a large variety of well camouflaged and blended flat sets that really take coyotes. 120 minutes. $39.95
Rocky Mountain Grey Fox Trapping – Join Wayne on his New Mexico Grey Fox line. Includes location, sets, lures, and many grey fox catches. Wayne has trapped greys for over 35 years, both as a fur trapper and government trapper. 105 minutes. $39.95
Rocky Mountain Bobcat Video – Without any doubt this is one of the best cat trapping videos on the market. Wayne has spent 16 years with the government working problem animals and now works private contracts year around trapping lion and coyote on numerous New Mexico ranches. All material in this video is original, on the line footage with nothing staged, as you will be able to tell. Wayne does a terrific job showing cat locations as well as pin pointing proper trap placement. There are many different catches shown in this video (some real big honkers are caught). He doesn’t just use one or two types of sets, but shows you how to make a variety of sets and variations. You can learn in 1 hour. 45 min. what it takes most people a lifetime to figure out. A Great Video. 1 hour 45 minutes. $39.95
Rocks, Brush & Sandy Washes – Derricks Second Bobcat Video – If you liked Wayne’s last cat video, “Rocky Mountain Bobcat”, you will really enjoy this one also. Learn how to locate cats in places you never thought. Locating Bobcats in rocks, heavy brush, and washes. Wayne shows you how to take cats that refuse dirt holes. See why these sets are very attractive to the largest Tom Bobcats. Learn locations, sets, and see Wayne’s life style of making a living off trapping year around as he does. You will see lots of Big Toms caught in these sets. 2 hours. 3 minutes. $39.95