Jeff Dunlap

Beaver and Otter Trapping – Packed with information on beaver and otter trapping. Jeff covers blind setting with footholds for beaver and otter, block down sets, otter toilets, beaver scent mound sets, setting large culverts, along with tips to make your trapping faster and more productive. Top notch beaver/otter video.  $29.95

Fur Trapping — Tips, Tricks & Techniques – Learn valuable techniques on how to set traps for coon, beaver, and otter. Detailed instructions on where the best place to set your trap in the wild. Tips on how to lure the animal into your trap.  $29.95

High Speed Predator Trapping – Jeff Dunlap shows you how to catch predators right along the road. Shows location after location to increase your predator catch in spots you are driving right by. Baits and lures, dirt hole sets, flat sets, cubby sets, baiting predators in and more.  $29.95