Ron Hauser

Muskrat Frenzy – Hauser puts the pedal to the metal as he cold rolls through South Dakota, trapping over 5,000 muskrats in 3 1/2 weeks. Hauser gives you the recipe for success as he streamlines methods that work. Hauser shows you how to get-er-done in a land crawling with muskrats. $29.95
The Pocket Set – Mink & Coon Trapping – You will learn first hand from this adaptable trapper as he efficiently traps mink and raccoon using various Pocket Sets. Learn Hauser’s trap placements for higher catch averages, guide sticking techniques and other trapline tricks, not in print, on film or use by many trappers, yet! 180 minutes.  $29.95
Full Time Beaver Trapping – Ron Hauser has trapped beavers from the Canadian border to the cypress swamps of Mississippi. Hauser brings 40+ years of trapping experience to you in this instructional video. Camera man captures on film, a beaver working a set and getting caught in a 330! 270 minutes.  $29.95
Longlining, Raccoons, & Conibears – Ride with a master trapper and learn the fastest and deadliest method of body trapping raccoons. Features a days catch of 73 raccoon caught on location. Will help you join the ranks of the “elite coon trappers.” 180 minutes.  $29.95
Raccoons, Coil Springs ‘N’ Blind Sets with Ron Hauser DVD – Hauser’s first trapped raccoon was caught in a blind set 40 years ago. Since then, he has adapted his trapping skills from observing raccoons and other trappers and spending many seasons on the line in nine states. Raccoons are predictable. Blind Sets are simple, and they catch raccoons in numbers, fast, catching the ‘coons other trappers pass by. The concept is not new, but it’s used by very few trappers. If you’re a trapper, pick up this DVD and add blind sets to your bag of tricks.  $29.95