Gary Jepson

Trapping the Elusive Coyote – Coyote family structure explained and the how, when, and where of successful Coyote trapping. Proper locations, detailed set construction, and the right attractors. When certain lures are effective and when they aren’t and why. 120 minutes. $39.95
Trapping the Elusive Bobcat – Enjoy 2 hours of intense Bobcat trapping with Professional Trapper Gary Jepson. You’ll see Gary describe and then put into action the concepts of location. Construction and attraction in trapping bobcats. Gary also explains in meticulous detail the construction of proven sets along with the terrain and areas in which they are to be located. Gary shares over 55 years of trapping knowledge in this DVD. 120 minutes. $39.95
Snaring the Elusive Coyote And Bobcat – Just out “Snaring the Elusive Coyote and Bobcat” explains the correct use of baits and lures, location for setting Cat and Coyote combinations, correct snare positioning, and use of snare supports. It’s loaded with lots of snare know how. $34.95