Matt Jones

Hardcore Cat & Coyote Trapping – Follow trappers Matt Hones and Len Williams to reveal the “Secrets of the Eastern longline”. Learn the methods these trappers use to take truckloads of bobcats, coyotes, red fox, and grey fox. This video focuses on harvesting the maximum amount. Lots of good information & some great cat sets. 120 minutes. $34.95
Coyote Trapping East of the Big River – Follow pro trapper Matt Jones through the forest, fields and river bottoms of Illinois, Kentucky, and Tennessee. Eastern trappers trap in the worst weather conditions. The methods here will show you how to keep your sets working. 90 minutes. $34.95
“Coyote Chaos” – Clint Locklear and Matt Jones fight through 7 inches of rain, deep mud, competition and freeze-thaw conditions on their coyote line. Coyote trapping in harsh conditions. 120 minutes.  $39.00
After The Catch – (Pro fur handling for the fur trapper & hunter) The ultimate fur handling video! This huge 4 hour video teaches you everything you need to know in order to handle coyote, bobcat, red fox, grey fox, raccoon, skunk, river otter, mink, muskrat, & beaver. A fun yet extremely educational video that everyone will enjoy and benefit from. Shows the small things that make the big difference. 240 min.  $39.95
Eastern Raccoon Trapping – Follow Jones & Len Williams through the bluff and river country of Kentucky, Illinois, & Tennessee as they show techniques that have helped them harvest 1000’s of raccoons over the years. Learn to deal with obstacle’s such as fluctuating water levels, rough terrain, weather changes, and competition. A BEST SELLER! ONE OF THE BEST EVER! 110 minutes.  $34.95