Mike McMillan

More Money From Trapping – Fur handling tips that add value to your fur. Animal Gland removal, skull collecting, bait and lure making. Animals covered: beaver, bobcat, red & grey fox, muskrat, otter, coon, skunk, opossum, and squirrels. Save money and time in the fur shed. When Mike does something it is done thoroughly and complete. 5 Hours, 2 disc set.  $39.95
Introduction to Professional Techniques of Wildlife Control – An on-the job-training course for removing animals, repairing damage and growing your business. Mike shows you how to build and grow your control business into a profitable steady income. Covers: trapping equipment, and materials, fundamentals of cage trapping, bat jobs, groundhogs in cages, baits skunk control, opossum control and exclusion, flying squirrel control and exclusion, methods for coons in attics, crawl spaces and ceiling joists and exclusion. 3 hours, 40 min. A WORLD OF KNOWLEDGE.  $39.95