Mike McMurray

Western Cat Trapping – This new DVD is a product of 52 years of predator trapping. So this production is by no means a production by somebody that is new to this business. Back in the early to mid 80’s I owned and operated my own lure business, I authored many trapping articles in Fur Fish and Game, The Trapper and WCT magazines. I also owned and operated successful ADC program and 23 years of Government ADC work. So come along and ride with me. I’ll show you top locations, proper luring and scenting methods for the cats and super efficient sets that will help you take the highest percentage if the cats in your area.  $45.00
A Blast From the Past – Western Cat Trapping – Back in the early 1990’s I did a video on trapping coyotes (Trapping the Canines – The Way It is). Of course this was made for VCR’s. I have had the video done on DVD’s and it is ready for release. This DVD covers equipment and a lot of location info that is bound to help anybody better understand the canines and has a variety of sets. Now there is a couple of small glitches from the old film but it didn’t bother anything. This is a very informative DVD.  $35.00