Tracy Truman

Modern Grey Fox – Grey Fox are different than Coyotes or even Red Fox. They require a different approach. Western trapper Tracy Truman has written a book on Grey Fox trapping and now has this DVD to show footage of his ideas and efforts as well. With over 30 years of trapping experience Tracy will show you how to dramatically improve your catch regardless of your experience or location. Learn the secrets of making large catches and proper set construction that eliminates misses. 120 minutes.  $29.95
Cage Trapping Bobcats and Grey Fox – California, cage trapper Jeff Yancy and grey fox man Tracy Truman combine in this 90 minute DVD to show you how, when, and where to use cage traps to catch bobcats and grey fox. Learn how to properly locate, bed, conceal and theft-proof your cages. This DVD is a true teaching tool and sure to increase your catch. 90 minutes.  $22.95